Mouse maze java

Rat in a maze is also one popular problem that utilizes backtracking. If you want to brush up your concepts of backtracking, then you can read this post here. You can also see this post related to solving a Sudoku using backtracking. A maze is a 2D matrix in which some cells are blocked. One of the cells is the source cell, from where we have to start. And another one of them is the destination, where we have to reach. We have to find a path from the source to the destination without moving into any of the blocked cells.

A picture of an unsolved maze is shown below. To solve this puzzle, we first start with the source cell and move in a direction where the path is not blocked. If taken path makes us reach to the destination then the puzzle is solved else, we come back and change our direction of the path taken.

We are going to implement the same logic in our code also. So, let's see how. You know about the problem, so let's see how we are going to solve it.

Firstly, we will make a matrix to represent the maze, and the elements of the matrix will be either 0 or 1. The matrix for the maze shown above is:. Now, we will make one more matrix of the same dimension to store the solution. Its elements will also be either 0 or 1. The matrix representing the solution is:.

Thus, we now have our matrices. Next, we will find a path from the source cell to the destination cell and the steps we will take are:. Thus, the summary is that we try to move to the other cell down, right, up, and left from the current cell and if no movement is possible, then just come back and change the direction of the path to another cell. If it is the destination cell then our puzzle is already solved. If not, then we are checking if it a valid cell to move or not. A valid cell must be in the matrix i.

If it is a valid move then we are free to take it and move to the next cell. If it doesn't give us the solution then we will move to the rightward cell, and similarly to the upward and the leftward cells. Please login to view or add comment s. Backtracking to solve a rat in a maze C Java Python Oct. Become an Author Submit your Article.

And this is its solution.

mouse maze java

Algorithm to solve a rat in a maze You know about the problem, so let's see how we are going to solve it. The matrix for the maze shown above is: 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 Now, we will make one more matrix of the same dimension to store the solution. The matrix representing the solution is: 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 Thus, we now have our matrices.

Next, we will find a path from the source cell to the destination cell and the steps we will take are: Check for the current cell, if it is the destination cell, then the puzzle is solved. If not, then we will try to move downward and see if we can move in the downward cell or not to move in a cell it must be vacant and not already present in the path.

If we can move there, then we will continue with the path taken to the next downward cell.Calibre has the ability to view, convert, edit, and catalog e-books of almost any e-book format. The EV3 Robot solves a Maze. The robot is controlled by a color sensor to find the walls, which are black lines. And it is controlled by a compass sensor to navigate through the maze. The start of the maze is marked by a blue paper strip and the exit is marked by a green paper strip.

A fast, free, easy to use, Christian Ubuntu derivative that combines power and simplicity. It is intended to lead unbelievers to a relationship with Jesus Christ and nurture believers in discipleship. Take a ball and help him to find a right way through a labyrinth. Collect crystals to open additional game content - new balls and worlds.

Stay on and beat a highscore! How long can you survive in this game? Come on, now it's Your turn! Mazix is a 3D Java game project which consist of a maze with lots of different objects the player can interact before finding the end of the mazesuch as Teleports, Doors, Keys, Balls, Walls The game could be compared to Oxyd or Sokoban.

Simple game for the Android platform to roll a ball through various mazes.

Mouse in a Maze Program

ReMazed is my first creation in Javain fact it is the very first proper game and application I have ever created. Right now the game is in it's early pre-alpha state and as such will use some testing and help along the ride.

Mouse Run is a programming game where programmers can implement a mouse and let it run in a maze to hunt of cheese. It is a battle among programmers to test who can build the most intelligent mouse, given limited information during the game.

Programmers need only implement one code file, extending from an abstract class that will contain the logic of the individual mouse. The game Host will gather all the mouse implementation and let them run in the maze. MazeJen is a maze generator written in java which implements the Depth First Search algorithm, and can render mazes in both 2 and 3 dimensions.

Do you have a GitHub project?Mouse in a Maze Program Alyce Brady Kalamazoo College In this program you will implement a simulation of a mouse looking for a piece of cheese in a maze.

Tom and Jerry: Food Fight - Collect Food while Avoiding Danger (Boomerang Games)

Design a program to simulate mice moving through a maze until they find cheese. A mouse always starts at the starting position, and moves one unit at a time. Your program should be able to support mice with different movement strategies. Your program should read in a maze configuration, including the starting position and the location of the cheese the start and end locations for the maze. It should allow the user to run the experiment several times, with different maze configuration files.

Each time, a piece of cheese is put at the end of the maze, a mouse is put at the starting location, and the mouse is allowed to move around the maze looking for the cheese. The user should be able to choose the type of mouse or mouse movement strategy for each run of the experiment.

Your program should graphically display the state of the mouse and the maze at the end of each time unit. When a mouse finds the cheese, your program should report how many time units it took for the mouse to find the cheese. Your program should have a graphical user interface with a File menu, a mouse choice drop-down menu, a button to add a mouse, a panel in which the maze is graphically displayed, and a slider bar for changing the speed of the mouse movement.

Actually, it controls the speed of the animation -- how long the program pauses to let you view the display between time steps -- rather than the speed of the mice. You may use the following classes or files, which have been fully implemented and are available in MouseInAMaze. You will probably find it useful to implement this program in stages iterative development.

For example, you might:. You do not have to develop the program in this way, but if you want to follow this structured approach you will find more details below. Alyce Brady Kalamazoo College.Let us discuss Rat in a Maze as another example problem that can be solved using Backtracking. A rat starts from source and has to reach the destination. The rat can move only in two directions: forward and down.

In the maze matrix, 0 means the block is a dead end and 1 means the block can be used in the path from source to destination. Note that this is a simple version of the typical Maze problem. For example, a more complex version can be that the rat can move in 4 directions and a more complex version can be with a limited number of moves.

Naive Algorithm The Naive Algorithm is to generate all paths from source to destination and one by one check if the generated path satisfies the constraints. Below is an extended version of this problem. Count number of ways to reach destination in a Maze. Please write comments if you find anything incorrect, or you want to share more information about the topic discussed above.

Writing code in comment?

Tom And Jerry Mouse Maze (240x320)

Please use ide. Following is an example maze. It mainly. It returns false if no. Please note that there may be more than one solutions. It mainly uses solveMazeUtil. Please note. Python3 program to solve Rat in a Maze.

A utility function to print solution matrix sol. A utility function to check if x, y is valid. It mainly uses solveMazeUtil to solve the problem. A recursive utility function to solve Maze problem.

Check if maze[x][y] is valid. Move forward in x direction. If moving in x direction doesn't give solution. If none of the above movements work then. Driver program to test above function. Initialising the maze. This code is contributed by Shiv Shankar. Recommended Posts: Maze With N doors and 1 Key Rat in a Maze Backtracking using Stack Shortest path in a Binary Maze Rat in a Maze with multiple steps or jump allowed Rat in a Maze Problem when movement in all possible directions is allowed Count number of ways to reach destination in a Maze using BFS A variation of Rat in a Maze : multiple steps or jumps allowed Count number of ways to reach destination in a Maze Count number of ways to reach destination in a maze Find paths from corner cell to middle cell in maze Construct a Doubly linked linked list from 2D Matrix Find the count of mountains in a given Matrix Check if cells numbered 1 to K in a grid can be connected after removal of atmost one blocked cell Minimize the count of adjacent pairs with different parity.

Improved By : Kakashi11Debomit Dey. Load Comments.The purpose of this lab is to practice programming unobtrusive JavaScript events using the Document Object Model. The theme of this lab is that we'll be writing a page with a simple "maze" that the user must navigate with the mouse. The difficulty is not in finding the exit, because the maze is trivial, but rather in having the dexterity to move the mouse through the maze without touching any of the walls.

When the user's mouse cursor touches one of the maze walls, the walls turn red and a "You lose" message is shown. Touching the Start button with the mouse will remove the red coloring from the maze walls. You're given files maze. You shouldn't need to download the CSS file. You should write a script file maze. The maze walls are implemented as 5 div elements on the page. Our provided CSS code already positions these div elements into their proper places on the page, but they do nothing when you hover the mouse over them.

The relevant section of the maze. The first task is to write event-handling code so that when the user moves the mouse onto a single one of the maze's walls, that wall will turn red. Write your JavaScript code unobtrusivelywithout modifying the maze. You will probably want to choose the first top-left wall; it is easier to access using the DOM, since it has an id attribute. You may want to turn the wall red by setting it to have the provided CSS class youloseusing Prototype's addClassName method.

mouse maze java

You can try our runnable solution to this exercise to see how your page is supposed to look and work. Don't look at the source code, please!

For your next task, make it so that all walls of the maze turn red when the mouse enters any one of them. To do this, you'll need to attach an event handler to each div representing a wall of the maze. It is a bit harder to select all of these div s, since they do not have id attributes.

However, they do share a common class of boundary.

Tom And Jerry Mouse Maze (240x320)

You may try our runnable solution to this exercise, to see how your page is supposed to look and work. Your next task is to make it so that if the user reaches the end of the maze, a congratulatory "You win! The end of the maze is a div with an id of end. It's not very difficult to create an event handler that pops up a message when the mouse touches the ending div.

But note that you shouldn't pop up the "You win!A good question is never answered.

mouse maze java

It is not a bolt to be tightened into place but a seed to be planted and to bear more seed toward the hope of greening the landscape of the idea. John Ciardi. I would like it to say make intelligent steps by going "have I been to teh cell on the right?

Forum: Java in General. Ryan James. I'm wanting some help with regards to what is possible in java. I'm wanting to make sure the mouse can explore the maze and then solve it based on all the routes its found.

I figured I could use the faster flood algorithm once I have solved the maze since that would be allowed given I have aquired all the data. I was wondering if any one knew how I could get my mouse to explore the maze fully, recognise that fact and if it say could explore as far as it could make it follow a path back to the start of it finished search? I guess I'd have to use arrays and maybe stacks to implement this. Stan James. Hi, welcome to the ranch!

There are some sophisticated algorithms for this, but simple brute force is a good place to start. You mentioned stacks which is a good intuition.

We try to give leading hints here, not complete answers. It's more fun when you do the discovery work, and it sticks to your brain better.

Tom And Jerry Mouse Maze (320x240)

First leading hint Recursion as in backtracking? I understand the theory, however implementing it where I come undone. I asssume I need to store in a 2d array all the co-ordinates and then assign them values related to say how many walls there are and the type of exits and how many times i've visted?

This is the maze: And this is my code so far: import greenfoot. List; import java. ArrayList; import java.

So far I've made it detect walls and walk the maze in a random fashion, which eventually solves teh maze, however extremely ineffeciently. Srinivasan thoyyeti. Hi ryne, I like that puzzle. So sweet. How you can program: 1. You need to have functions which will tell the Robo 1. Among the Four sides, three sides bloked means you can Block the place by constructing a wall so as not to come again when you move from that place to vacant place.

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This program has is meant to create and solve a mouse escape route from a maze, by reading from a text file. There is a Maze class which is basically a 2D array of MazeElements, the MazeElements contains a char variable and a position object; the Position holds the co-ordinates of each element on the 2D-array.

mouse maze java

So far, the program effectively reads in and creates the 2D array. The problem lies in the backTracking algorithm. I am using a stack to implement the back track but the backtrack seems to only loop once from the output. I don't know if you can notice something from the code below: import java. When I print the maze after I call the backTrack method, my Maze with m and e positions becomes:.

The issue is that I do not understand why my curr doesn't move beyond the point '. Please help? Original : From what I can tell, the only thing that has been pushed into theStack is start. Then, in your conditions, if it meets the directions you do:. Now, the code runs again with only 1 thing in the theStack and it's the same as it was before, EXCEPT, the character below start is now a '. To fix the code, you'll have to push to theStack a Position whose values are the direction's and not update the direction position.

I made a few changes to your code, first to the map loading function, so that every element had a position. You can get rid of this and use rheStack. The next change is to the backtracking code. Now in essence you can backtrack using only a stack, however it is not enough to just store the places you have been. For example, after if you first went east and then west, then you need to store that on the stack as well. This makes backtracking more complicated, however programming languages gives us a much easier way of dealing with stacks - recursion.