To get your erg data on Rowsandall. I know there are more erg brands than Concept2, and if there are any users who use other brands and want to use rowsandall. For now, this blog post is going to be Concept2 centric. Here are in random orderthe options you have. I just give a short description for each of them. Later, we will publish detailed how-to guides, although most of the things are straightforward. As most of these apps have frequent updates, the information here may not be accurate any more by the time you read it.

Feel free to leave a comment for other readers to be aware of the latest info. This software is the software of choice if you are into online rowing with others. With this software you can schedule workouts to row online with others, or row offline.

RowPro has by far the largest group of online rowers, so there is almost always a scheduled workout you can join. This is great if you get motivated by rowing with others. Programming the workout from your computer is also much more convenient than doing it on the PM5. On your computer screen, you are rowing against your online friends, or against multiple pace boats.

How To Use Your Concept2 Rower on Zwift

RowPro connects to an online logbook on digitalrowing. From your logbook, you can export your workout with stroke data to excel CSV. You can also export your data to the Concept2 logbook. The data export is limited to the standard parameters time, distance, SPM, heart rate. The new RowPro version 5 looks good but has some issues. I am sure the issues will be resolved, but I could not save a CSV file when I was offline, so for now it seems safer to stay with v4.

With this app, you use the PM to program and execute your workout, and painsled is quietly collecting data in the background. It duplicates the info from the PM and also has a cool stroke force profile view. After your row, you can select workouts and export stroke data to the Concept2 online logbook, to Strava, or email them to yourself or to rowsandall. The big differentiator of this app is the wealth of data that are collected and stored.

On iOS, this is the only app that gives you peak and average force, drive length, drive time, drive speed, and a few other parameters. For PM3 and 4, you need a special adapter to connect to your phone. A nice feature of ErgData is that it speaks workout data and results, so it is currently the only app for the visually impaired.

The app synchronizes the data directly to the Concept2 online logbook, from where you can import the data to Rowsandall. As this app is maintained by Concept2, this one is probably the safest bet in terms of integration with the Concept2 online logbook. However, the online logbook API only allows to import the basic parameters time, distance, heart rate, strokes per minuteso if you like your esoteric parameters, you should look elsewhere.

Introduction to the PM5 performance monitor – Concept 2

BoatCoach is a free Android app. In terms of parameters captured, it is on par with Painsled.I was planning on heading out to Lake Quinsigamond to demonstrate Quiske, and hopefully go for a row.

But, I was working at home, so I could try the experiment that I wanted to do on the erg. I have been corresponding with the developer of PainSled. I really like the painSled app. It is simple and generally pretty reliable, but recently, it seems to be dropping strokes. The app eventually catches up, but the missing strokes mean that summaries and plots look ugly.

So, I designed an experiment to test the theory. The experiment had 6 parts.


I would row meter pieces. The experiment design was better than the execution. I had a number of interruptions, but despite that, I got some pretty compelling data. I reviewed the raw exports from painsled. Painsled provides a column with stroke count data, so simply by looking for data records where the stroke count increments by more than 1. Here is a snippet from the spreadsheet which calculates the missing strokes. Notice the line 3 from the bottom where it missed 14 strokes!

The ergdata log file was a bit more challenging to analyze. It does not log the stroke count. So, for this one, I used the distance column. For this workout, my distance per stroke should be between 10 and 15 meters. You can see all the strokes are in the right range, except for one. I had an interruption in the middle of this piece. Notice the time jumps from I needed to go deal with a tradesman who was fixing our garage door. The fan spun down clicking up some additional meters.

Otherwise, there were no missing strokes. So, I got a good workout, and I think I showed with reasonable certainty that the problems are not related to other stuff connected to the phone. Before I worked out I noticed that my back was a little stiff. In the hours after my workout, my back got progressively tighter and sorer. The symptoms were exactly the same as the late summer of I had bilateral pain, very low on my back, and it hurt most when changing positions.

For example, standing up hurt like hell. It also was impossible to bend over and lift my leg to, say, put on my pants without bracing with one hand.Like runners, cyclists, and triathletes, competitive rowers also utilize fitness tech to maximize their performance both during activities and for post-workout analysis. That's why we're happy to announce that SportTracks now offers multiple rowing data solutions for both stationary machines and on-the-water workouts.

We've partnered with the mobile app PainSled and the Rowsandall website to provide our convenient auto-sync functionality to oar-wielding athletes. When you complete a rowing workout with either of these applications, your data is automatically uploaded to SportTracks. This is beneficial both for serious rowers and for general users who have access to the popular Concept2 rowing machine.

If you go to a gym, it likely has at least one of these machines. Using our partner apps for your rowing sessions will make your workout log, training load, and performance charts all the more detailed and accurate. PainSled is a mobile app that acts as a simple, one-page dashboard for the Concept2 rower, and as a recording device for the workout data.

The app is available to users of the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, but an Android version is coming soon. In fact, you can sign up to be a beta tester on the PainSled website and likely be up and rowing in a few weeks. Think of Rowsandall as being similar to SportTracks, but with all of its analytical tools focused solely on rowing.

Like SportTracks, you use third-party mobile apps and devices to record your workout data. Here are the Rowsandall tracking options:. If you want to deeply analyze row-specific data, Rowsandall is an excellent platform to do so. To gain a better understanding of your overall fitness from a variety of sports and activities, SportTracks is the answer. What's nice is that this new integration brings your rowing workouts into SportTracks from a variety of sources.

Just as runners are beginning to use power meters in their training and racing, the same is the case in rowing. The first commercially-available rowing power meter, the NK EmPower Oarlock, hit the market in late If you're the type of person who embraces cutting edge sports tech, you'll be happy to know that Rowsandall fully supports power data from the NK EmPower, and that the power data is transferred and fully supported by SportTracks.

There are many ways to deeply analyze power data in SportTracks, here are a few:. Thanks for checking out this post! If you have any thoughts or questions about the use of rowing data in SportTracks, please share them in the Comments section below Nice writeup!

When you think of a feature that you would like added to SportTracks, we strongly recommend sharing it on our UserVoice page:. This way other users can see your request, and vote for it if they would like it implemented as well. ErgData has taken some great leaps forward. Sign up Log in. SportTracks Blog.


How To. Sam Mallery.So when I first heard of a few Zwifters who had figured out how to row in game that is, use their rower to power their Zwift cycling avatar I was intrigued. This was early in my Zwift life, and I spent some time poking around online, tried to get myself hooked up… and gave up after a couple hours. Not worth it. It got my attention, so I headed down to the garage and spent 15 minutes setting it up.

I was rowing on Zwift. ZwiftHQ has been toying with rowing since its early days, but chose wisely to concentrate on cyclists and runners first. But until that happens, rowing my bike up a hill is quite fun anyway. Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests.

He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava. By the way, I discovered you can do this with a PM3 as well. You just need a cable to connect the PM3 to your phone. No luck with a PC so far, though. What cable do you need and where can we purchase? I have a PM4 and would love to try this too.

The app how-to with all of the app and connection options is here. Hey Eric, Thanks for the post. I recently got a SkiErg at home but prior to that have only ever managed short workouts on it in the gym. Installation and connecting up was straightforward. That is correct, neither iOS or Android will allow an app that is receiving Bluetooth Zwift, in this case to connect to an app on the same device that is transmitting Bluetooth RowedBiker or PainSled.

Likely to keep apps from spying on each other or communicating outside of the OS.


Stick it on the rower with some velcro and leave it there. More details on all of the connection options are here. This is a Godsend fix -many thanks! Monitor packed up on my Wattbike yesterday and I went into Zwifty cold turkey — But with this fix my ski season has come early -works a treat on skierg.

If you start rowing, you will see your wattage on the iOS device. You can also pair other sensors on your Zwift device such as your HR monitor. Get Zwifting! Row on! Rowing on Zwift, in my messy garage. Previous Zwift Update 1.PainSled can also make your indoor rower appear to be a cycling power meter, so you can participate in online group workout experiences like Zwift.

It's really not as strange as you might think!

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After you get over the part where there are climbs boo! If you only use PainSled during the offseason, feel free to switch the subscription off when you arn't using the app. Thanks for your support! In landscape mode you can long-press the screen to make the Stroke Scope full-screen and use it to drill down on stroke-to-stroke consistency. Version 1. FTP boost is intended to approximate cycling power from rowing power, which is less efficient.

More or less. However, if you need to have your Zwift or TrainerRoad workouts record your exact rowing wattage, you'll want to switch this off. If PainSled has been a useful tool for you, please consider switching it on in Settings. You can read more about it in the app description. Thanks for supporting the PainSled! Pros: Easy synch to concept 2 Collects a wealth of information Range of options to export data Cons: Minimal options on data screen Please allow option to show peak force, drive time or drive length on screen as you row.

ErgData has that feature although exports less data. I decided to try the app based on several positive web reviews and its potential for providing enhanced data to analyze my workouts.

I rowed a test session with the app to see if worked as expected. It smoothly connected to my PM5 and recorded the workout without issue. I then tried to sync my workout to the Concept 2 Logbook, and it failed. I tried employing the troubleshooting techniques for this issue but could not resolve it. Apps sometimes have bugs and sometimes the problem is user error, but I expect a developer to respond to a support issue in a timely fashion.

Three weeks and counting is way too long. I wanted this to be the answer to my search for a better rowing app, but right now it is not. I want to like it but every time I use it with zwift it freezes after about 25 minutes of rowing. The app will stop updating my wattage and zwift will show a 0 output.


Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. The Popular pain tracking app for iOS and Android!. Awarded one of the Best Fibromyalgia apps of — by Healthline.

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The following scripts will help you get conversations going with your 2- to 4-year-old child: Scenario Giving your child a daily vitamin What to Say Vitamins help your body grow. Scenario Your kids are curious about medicine bottles around the house What to Say You should only take medicines that have your name on them or that your doctor has chosen just for you.

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PainSled Indoor Rowing Dashboard

Work on problem solving: Help them find long-lasting solutions to homework trouble, a fight with a friend, or in dealing with a bully. Be sure to point out that quick fixes are not long-term solutions. Give your kids the power to escape from situations that make them feel bad.

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Help children separate reality from fantasy. Watch TV and movies with them and ask lots of questions to reinforce the distinction between the two. Remember to include advertising in your discussions, as those messages are especially powerful. How to Talk about Marijuana For a comprehensive discussion guide, including common teen questions and suggested responses, download our complete Marijuana Talk Kit. Get the marijuana talk kit now What to Say to Your Teenager About Drugs (13-18 year olds) This is a pivotal time for parents in helping kids make positive choices when faced with drugs and alcohol.

What to Say High school is going to be a ton of fun, and we want you to have a great time.





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