Category Wese␙08: ws on embedded systems education

Wese␙08: ws on embedded systems education

It is easy enough to edit the spreadsheet but when I add additional columns or rows to the spreadsheet they are not displayed in Word after I close the Excel spreadsheet.

Based on your description, we would like to convey that when you embed the Excel spreadsheet into Word document, no matter the size of the page, it displays only 12 columns with default columns width.

We had tested at our end using different page size, extending the inserted Excel spreadsheet, reducing the Width of the columns etc. Given the situation, we suggest you provide the feedback in the Word UserVoice as the related team can take into consideration and many of the new features are implemented from feedback of the members. Did this solve your problem?

Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. I am trying to edit an Excel worksheet which is embedded in a Word document. For columns, for example, grab the drag handle in the lower right hand corner when you're in, "edit mode" in WORD and then drag it out to the right. This should cause further columns to the right to be displayed. This may have something to do with what you're saying. I've tested this again today and after 2 weeks of not working the edit in WORD it's now mysteriously working again.

The problem is that if I go back to an embedded spreadsheet after it has been created because I want to add more rows or columns to those shown in the word document I am unable to do so.

I can change the size of the box in which the spreadsheet is shown but cannot add further rows or columns. The problem is further confused by the fact that in some documents it works OK but in others it does not. There are also a few issues with charts where the size of the chart can change randomly. Also there is no consistency between the colours in the chart between Word and Excel. So more columns or rows need to be visible in the word document.

At the moment I have to save the spreadsheet then delete it from the word document before re inserting. As the description stated in the original post, what we understand is, if the Embed Excel spreadsheet in the Word document consists of 20 columns after editing.

What we mean to say is, if you embed the Excel spreadsheet into Word document, it displays only few columns as per our test and not the entire columns in Excel spreadsheet. But in the previous reply, as you mentioned I want to add more rows or columns to those shown in the word document I am unable to do socan you check whether you can add the columns or rows by opening the Excel spreadsheet?

wese␙08: ws on embedded systems education

Not in the Word document. Provide the problematic files to test at our end.A promise to redeem he issue of implementing the One Rank One Pension OROP principle for the veterans of the defence services continues to be in the news for all the wrong reasons, with a nal announcement nowhere in sight.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Ministers have reiterated the governments commitment to the scheme, that by itself does little to contain the growing unhappiness in the community of ex-servicemen that has been waiting for years for a fair deal. Their demand goes back over three decades.

Successive governments have intermittently raised hopes on it according to political convenience, but the feeling has grown that the soldier who puts the nation ahead of his own life in the line of duty faces political apathy after retirement.

The previous UPA government cleared the deal in principle and allocated Rs. In the run-up to the Lok Sabha election last year, the Congress once again brought the issue to the limelight.

OROP was one of the top election promises of the BJP that helped garner the support of the large community of ex-servicemen and their families. And the huge mandate the BJP received had convinced them that at long last the scheme would see the light of day. While the government has given in-principle clearance to the proposal, the process of completing the administrative procedures across different departments seems to be an unending one.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had on several occasions said his Ministry had nished its part of the work and that the le was with the Finance Ministry. He has promised per cent satisfaction for the service personnel. OROP essentially seeks parity for all service personnel retiring on the same rank and tenure irrespective of when they retire, and is expected to benet two and a half million ex-servicemen and women immediately.

That said, the exercise of calculating the dues is a complicated process in itself. In Budget an initial allocation of Rs. There is the view that it would still go up by substantial measure depending on the method and criteria adopted. It has to be seen how the government makes the nancial provision for such a recurring outgo. But the early implementation of the scheme has now become an imperative: mere rhetoric and assurances will not suffice.

It is high time the government came out with a clear road map and a rm date for its implementation, and then adhere to it. This country owes its defence forces as much. I meet friends and classmates who I have not met in years in an ecstasy of joy which spreads over a coffee.

Then, we move on in our own peripatetic ways. But the meeting and the conversation trigger ideas, possibilities; some that are partly nostalgic while others seed new and innovative ideas. Most of the people I meet are 50 plus, have had full lives and yet are desperately trying to make sense of the world. They are outstanding teachers, activists and professionals who feel that for all their proactiveness the world has moved beyond them. Many articulate personal disquiet and doubt in political terms, trying to invent a different way of doing, even smelling things.

One of them told me, For many of us, the political or the idea of the political was a way of ne-tuning our lives, of making sense of how private dreams linked to public good. We were bumbling, naive, stupid and believed that dreams could easily translate into realities.

We were fools but glorious fools, and in our folly, there was a wisdom. There was a certain commonality though I would not say consensus to these conversations. Few wanted a resurgence or a revival of that way of politics. There have been too many casualties.After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play. Get the plugin now. Toggle navigation.

Low Power Design and Embedded Systems

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Conferences and Meetings on Mobile Computing & Telecommunication

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National renewable addition targets along with increasing share of funds from financial institutions including the World Bank, International Finance Corporation and Green Investment Bank will further advance the industry growth. How would the future look like for Offshore Wind Energy Market in the coming years? Global Wind Energy Market Analysis Insights, Growth, Application, Trends Is Thriving Worldwide by - Global Wind Energy Market the study covers the value and volume for a period ranging between towhere to imply the actual annual revenue with forecast between and The global Market report also includes qualitative insights of the market such as drivers, restrains, value chain, regulatory framework and trade statistics.

In addition, sustainable offshore energy potential coupled with favourable regulatory inclination towards optimum extraction of energy resources will positively sway the industry dynamics.Microsoft has provided platforms and operating systems for embedded devices for decades.

As new offerings such as Windows 10 IoT have become available, our customers and partners are increasingly interested in the advanced security, platform and cloud connectivity features that these OSes provide.

Customers moving from most earlier editions of Windows, like Windows XP and Windows 7, can do so with little effort because of binary-compatible applications. Other operating systems, like Windows CE, require device builders to modify source code. Porting applications like this can be challenging. To help these customers move to Windows 10 IoT and harness the full power of the intelligent edge including artificial intelligence and machine learning, Microsoft is developing technology that will allow most customers to run their existing, unmodified Windows CE applications on Windows 10 IoT while they continue to invest in updating their applications.

Today at the Microsoft Build conference, we are sharing preliminary information on this CE migration technology and asking customers to give us feedback by registering at the link below. The entire Windows CE environment, both user mode and kernel mode, is lifted into the pico process, which runs in the user mode of the underlying Windows 10 IoT OS.

A Windows 10 platform abstraction layer handles syscalls e.

wese␙08: ws on embedded systems education

Work with Microsoft to simplify CE migration Over the coming months, we want to gather input from developers to help us better understand the requirements for this CE migration technology and determine how to bring it to our customers. Skip to Content Skip to Footer. RSS Facebook Twitter.Fromaffordab emobR tytocuNngwdgetechno ogy, Delllnsplronnotebookscovera.

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Becoming an embedded software developer

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Bricks and is not about doing business locally, regionally or even nationer buying something online, I know I will. But I went to mortar retailers that did not have anally. It's about having access to a global market. And I have to admit, I found the beware they would surely be pumbows, tinsel and goofy Santas a cheerful sight.

In the comi mded by the invading horde of dotweeks, I' ll complain as loudly as anyone about the crass co com merchants.Description: Nowadays, power consumption is on of the most important criterion in the design of on-chip applications.

Other design constraints, such as performance, were dominant in the past, but now it is imperative to optimize the power consumption, due it is a limiting factor. In fact, the power consumption has brought out many changes in the last decade: the fact that today we have multi-core chips instead of single core chips, is a direct result of the increase of power consumption.

Word Documents with embedded Spreadsheet

The power consumption is not only a matter of hardware, but also the software and the operating system decisively determine it. Therefore, this internship is indispensable for all who deal with on-chip systems at hardware and software level. This Lab is composed of two main experimentations. The first part consists of an exploration and analysis of the effect of loop transformation techniques and compiler optimizations in the power consumption, execution time and cache performance.

SimpleScalar and Wattch simulators are used to run the applications and to obtain metrics to analyze. This tool is capable to take a C code implementation and to produce three types of implementations: a complete hardware RTL implementation, a software implementation to be executed in a MIPS soft-processor, and a hybrid implementation where one or more functions of a program are compiled to hardware accelerators with the remaining program segments running in software in a MIPS soft-processor.

wese␙08: ws on embedded systems education

Considering these possibilities, the participants of the Lab will perform an exploration and analysis of the implementations in terms of required execution cycles, maximum frequency, area FPGA resourcesand power consumption. Altera Quartus tools are used to synthesize the implementations and obtain metrics, while Modelsim tool is used to perform simulations.

wese␙08: ws on embedded systems education

Preliminary discussion appointment: it will be announced via email to all registrants. Application: via campusmanagement. Chair for Embedded Systems.

Language: English. Application: via campusmanagement Note: The lab is given as a full week block. Registration form. Technologiefabrik Bldg.Join Us.

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